Saturday, September 08, 2007

Excel & Me... (an introduction)

This is basically a place for me to store and organise my thoughts and act as my Aide Memoir for Microsoft Office Excel.

I currently use Excel 2003 at home and at work (although I also support users of 2000). Most of the examples, tips and tricks in this blog will apply to these versions (if it is only applicable for certain versions I will try to say so, but feel free to post any comments or questions). I do not currently have any plans to upgrade to the latest version (2007) but that does not mean I will totally exclude this version.

I am currently employed by a large FMCG company to provide Management Information (MI) and although I also use Access, Monarch, Business Objects and SAP BW to achieve this, my favorite tool is Excel (and VBA).

Over the years I have collected a lot of example files, code snippets, tips and tricks and need somewhere to store them... This is it!

Feel free to comment, especially if you found something useful, want to know more or think it could be done better.

Thanks for reading,